Invite a friend to a race

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Invite a friend to a race

Post  Duffy&Son's on Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:42 am

Invite a friend to a race... Almost each and every race we have been to, no matter where the race is, I have always invited someone new to visit the track we are racing at and watch the racing with us. Now that my son's and I are members of the Kinsmen Kart Club, I feel really good about having a track we can invite our family and friends to watch and enjoy the race. This is part of getting things to grow and watching other people have fun. Good clean family fun , I'm inviting someone new this weekend out to the track to enjoy the race. Who are you inviting, without new people we can not and will not grow. see you Kinsmen at the race this weekend. Duffy #48


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