4 Cycle Racing in NorCal

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4 Cycle Racing in NorCal

Post  BAWunder on Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:25 am

For Immediate Release
March 13, 2009

Press Release Contact Information:

Brad Wunder
NFRA President

Scott Bura
NFRA Vice President

www.norcal4cycle.com (formerly www.f200.org)

Sacramento CA - Since its formation in 2005, the Norcal F200 Racing Association’s primary mission has been to support a dedicated group of racers running the Yamaha YF200R1 motor package. Over time we’ve grown in membership and in the types of motor packages our members prefer. Because of this growth, the NFRA is changing its name and mission. Beginning in 2009 we are now the Norcal Four-cycle Racing Association and our primary mission is to support all 4-cycle racing in NorCal.

Whether you prefer Animals, Clones, Flatheads, F200s, or World Formulas – the NFRA invites all four cycle racers to join us for the 2009 season. Since most of our members run either F200s or World Formulas, those two motor packages will form the basis of our championship classes for ’09. However, all other 4-cycle motor packages are welcome and once their numbers increase they will be added to our championship series as well.

For 2009 the NFRA will race at six NorCal tracks and participate in the Crossover and Gold Rush Series. And don’t worry about being the only one in your class because all 4-cycle classes run together under the NFRA banner, LeMans style. For more information please visit the NFRA website - www.norcal4cycle.com.

2009 Schedule
Date Track Series
3-15 Prairie City Club
4-5 Dixon Crossover
4-26 Davis Crossover
5-17 Davis (rain date) Club
5-31 Prairie City Crossover
6-14 Davis Gold Rush
6-28 Reno Club
7-12 Dixon Club
8-2 Prairie City Gold Rush
8-23 Atwater Gold Rush
9-19 Stockton Gold Rush
10-4 Prairie City (rain date) Club
10-18 Davis Club
11/1 Dixon Gold Rush

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Re: 4 Cycle Racing in NorCal

Post  BAWunder on Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:14 am

It looks like the KKC is the Norcal leader of the 4 cycle clone movement sweeping across the US! Several of us in the NFRA have been watching with interest how your clone program has developed. Personally, I think the clone movement is an element the karting community sorely needs and I think you guys are really onto something. Getting these programs off the ground takes some work but I know you have some real good folks there at KKC. As you have already read, the NFRA would like to work with you where ever possible to advance 4 cycle karting in Norcal.

Some of us are heading down to your track next weekend (weather willing) for some testing. Any clone drivers available to get some testing laps in us? We typically run a ALMS format and it would be a blast for all of us to run together. The key is safety though since we don't have mirrors or headlights to flash. It would be great of we could get a few F200s/WFs out there with a few clones to see if we can safely run together.

Ya'all ready to go race'n? cheers


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